Yes, I started a new blog. Because I just don’t know where to stop, apparently. Anyway, leaving Shoewawa left a huge, shoe-blog shaped hole in my life, and what better way to fill it than with… er, a shoe blog?

Well, here it is. It’s called Shoeperwoman, and it is, unsurprisingly, a blog about shoes. The site just launched today, so we’re still busy unpacking the shoe boxes and sorting out the few remaining bugs, but I’m going to be updating it as often as I find beautiful/interesting/ugly shoes on my travels around the net. Which is a lot.

Check it out at Shoeperwoman.com. As for me, I guess I should really buy shoes to celebrate, no?

    1. I saw that – thanks so much!

      As for Rubin, he is no longer a shoe-eater, thankfully, but when he was a puppy he managed to destroy three pairs and, without word of a lie, they were my three favouorites at the time. I've actually kept two of the pairs, even although they're all chewed, because I just couldn't bear to throw them out, but the others were destroyed…

  1. I blame you, Amber. It's all your fault. I was once a modest Californian girl, where sandles worked well with every outfit. Summer + sandles? Perfect. Winter + sandles? Sounds fine to me!

    Or so I thought.

    But now….every outfit must have a proper style of shoes to accompany it. Every shoe must have other shoes surrounding it because clearly shoes cannot be lonely. Every "like, obviously" has been replaced with "clearly".

    And now when I look in the mirror, I am a ginger carrying a white fluffy dog.

    Well, not so much on the last part. BUT you have completely ruined my Cali-girl wardrobe.



    Ps. Love the new blog ;P

    1. lol! I laughed so much at this comment, thanks 🙂 I aim to turn the whole world into an army of white dog-weilding gingers. With great shoes, naturally!

  2. Oooh and oh no! That's oooh to the new blog – and oh no this might be bad for my bank balance! I always loved your posts on Shoewawa – I always used to look at it around 11am with a cup of tea! Away to have a look now 🙂

    <abbr>Zoe, Conversation Pieces´s last blog post..A feather in her hair</abbr>

  3. Hi Amber- I've been "lurking" for a while now but just wanted to say congrats on the new site. I'm a fan of all your blogs, so I'm looking forward to adding this one to my daily blog fix!

    PS. I just want to also say that I'm a social media virgin – this is my first post anywhere, ever! I never got the whole Facebook thing and the popularity of Twitter astounds me a bit, and yet you've managed to entice a post out of me! That's how much I love your blogs 🙂

    1. Ooh, thanks so much for your comment – and I am ridiculously excited to have been the recipient of your first-ever comment! I'm slowly bringing everyone I know over to the Dark Side of the internet!

  4. I loooooove your new blog – not that I don't love your other ones, I do, but I love shoes so naturally Shoeperwoman is probably my favourite.

    I started reading The Fashion Police first and then my interest has just spread. I now must stalk all your blogs, lol.

    Keep up the awesome work with your blogs because I look forward to reading them.

    Lauren xx

    1. Aww, thank you – I'm really glad you like it! And I know what you mean: I love fashion and makeup, but shoes are just *special*…

  5. I LOVE Shoeperwoman! I am a shoe girl, so the site is a daily visit for drooling over. Sadly, my budget forbids me most of the picks- maybe you could feature some cheaper, US shoes?

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