My Life in a List

Absolutely nothing has happened here since The Great Wall of Clothing was removed from my hallway, so this is one of those completely pointless list posts, which I’m pretty sure no one will read anyway, because you’ll all be off enjoying the Easter break. Speaking of which:

  • Easter! Whee! It’s easily my favourite holiday because:

a) It’s the start of Spring.

b) You get chocolate

c) You don’t have to actually DO anything, unlike, say, Christmas, which involves many, many hours of shopping, and not the kind of shopping that’s fun, either, let me tell you.

d) Did I mention the chocolate?

Now that I’m completely self-employed, I managed to completely forget about Easter this year until yesterday, when I suddenly realised I don’t have to do any work tomorrow, and can have a long weekend. Yay!

  • I actually feel really, really guilty about planning to take tomorrow and Monday off, though. Oh, the extravagance! I expect the Internet will totally fall to pieces without ME here to watch over it and that will be oh-so-awful, won’t it?
  • I’m still planning on taking a break, though.
  • I will probably spend much of it lolling around in bed, reading.
  • Rubin will probably spend much of it peeing on the radiator in the office, because that’s what the little toad does for fun these days. WHY? Why must he do this to us? It’s not like he doesn’t get the opportunity to “relieve” himself before we go out, because he most certainly does and, actually, we’ve had to become pretty insistent on this point lately. Also, why does he only do it when we go to the gym, and at no other time? Does he resent the gym? Is he jealous of it? Is he trying to tell us something? WHAT?
  • I totally thought I had more things to put on this list, but apparently I REALLY just wanted to get that whole thing about Rubin and the radiator (again: WHY?) off my chest, so I will just wish you all a happy Easter, instead. I hope no one pees on your radiators!