Remember my Second Head? The one that rears up periodically from my existing head, making me look like the results of some kind of genetic experiment gone badly, badly wrong?

Yeah, it’s back.

It arrived on Monday night. At first I thought it was going to be just an ordinary, common or garden spot, but nope, Second Head, right here. It is, once again, right slap in the middle of my forehead, positioned for maximum impact, although this time it’s a little higher than the last Coming of the Head. Just to mix things up slightly, you know?

Once again, no amount of makeup will cover The Second Head, and, indeed, attempts to do so serve only to make it more noticeable. Gah.

The only strange thing this time around is that I don’t quite understand why The Head is here? I mean, why now? The Second Head generally times its appearances to cause the maximum humiliation (first day of new job, graduation ball, etc), but I have no particular plans for this week, so either The Head has got its dates wrong, or something is about to happen that I just don’t know about yet. Like, I’ll open the door to find a TV crew there, or will return home to a surprise party or something . Or maybe I will simply manage to get myself arrested, and my mugshot will forever show that, yes, I was That Girl With Two Heads. I say it again: gah.

Also: two appearances within a few months of each other, Head? What new torture is this?!

I am SO getting a fringe after this…

  1. I always get mine right before I go on holiday. So yup,I’ve got it now (my flight is this evening). And this time round it’s possitioned right about where Cindy Crawford has her famous mole. So my fringe is useless at this pont…

    Veronika´s last blog post..Chanel teases me..

  2. Do you know whats really amazing for spots ?

    Lush – tea tree oil toner…

    i LIVE by it.

    Hope your second head makes a disappearing act soon!

    1. Tea tree oil is what I normally use for them, but I have to admit, I don't actually use toner – maybe I should! Thanks for the recommendation, will keep an eye out for it!

    1. Last week someone left a comment on Dollface saying – apropos of absolutely nothing – something along the lines of "you know, you should really get a fringe…." . It did make me smile 🙂

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