While I was writing about Bare Escentuals Handbag Heroes kit, it occurred to me to wonder what kind of products would make it onto your "handbag hero" list – i.e. what do you carry with you on a day to day basis?

Despite regularly wearing more makeup than a MAC counter, my list is actually quite small. I won't leave the house without:

  • A multi-purpose cheek and lip tint – this is absolutely essential to me because I'm paler than Dracula, and when I'm tired I will actually look dead. If I'm going out at night, it's even more important for me to have something to top up the colour on my cheeks, then, because by the end of the night I'm guaranteed to look pale and, er, not-so-interesting. Powder blushers are a pain to carry, though, because you also need to take a brush, and putting a bottle of Benetint in the handbag of someone as clumsy as myself is just asking for breakages, so I'll generally use something like Benetint Lip Balm or Vaseline Rosy Lips, both of which are made for lips, but can also be used on the cheeks. Added benefit: this kind of product can be applied without a mirror, making it easy to use.

  • An under-eye concealer/highlighter – I like Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat -so much so that I have two tubes of it it, one for my handbag and one for my makeup bag.

  • Lipstick/Gloss –  I find that lipstick is the product that makes the biggest difference to my appearance, brightening up my face and generally making me look more "groomed" , so as well as the aforementioned lip balm, I will generally also carry whatever my current favourite lipstick is, or my lip plumping gloss.

  • A hairbrush – I have a little fold-up one with a mirror in the handle, which is handy when I want to use that lipstick. My handbag also generally contains a large variety of hairbands, but that's not deliberate: most of the surfaces in my house are covered in them, too. In fact, as I write this, I've just looked down and noticed one on my wrist, even although I haven't tied my hair back at all today. Hmmm.

  • What about you? What are your handbag heroes?

    (Oh, and if you're adming the handbag, it's by Christiam Louboutin and you can buy it here.)

    1. One lipgloss/lipstick
      One medicated chapstick
      Bobby pin(s)
      Small bottle of lotion
      Other general handbag stuff (wallet/phone/iPod)

    2. You know what? I feel like that about lipstick too! Sometimes I think I look like a corpse without it. So that’s a definitely must have in my bag, along with Vaseline for my lips (the bog standard blue tin one), Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Lotion (though I think they’ve just changed its name), tissues, oil absorbing wipes (Clinique) and concealer (Boots 17). I can live without carrying any other beauty products around.

    3. Oh dear, here goes:
      2 lipsticks (1 “natural”, 1 pearly)
      powder + brush
      tinted moisturiser
      black/white eye pencil
      (That’s the make-up section anyway.)
      Needless to say, I’m very happy when large bags are in fashion because that means I can stock up on my shoulder bags to replace the ones that inevitably collapse under the weight of all my stuff…

    4. I have a *very* handy snap-shut H&M baggie that contains:
      -miniature deodorant
      -miniature undereye concealer/brightener
      -miniature mascara
      -a mirror
      -a travel sized spray of the perfume I’m wearing that day
      -Neutrogena hand cream
      -eye drops
      And there’s generally 2-5 pots of Blistex SPF 15 lip balm kicking around in various bags, pockets and other unexpected places.
      More functional than fun, it would seem.

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