So, taking a holiday when you’re self-employed is pretty tricky. And by that I mean, “I think I understand now why I always get ill as soon as I land“.

Not that taking a holiday is easy when you work for someone else, either, of course, but in every “proper” job I’ve had, there’s always been some poor sod who’s been forced to fill in for me while I’ve been gone, meaning that I would only have to come BACK to total and utter stress, as opposed to going AWAY filled with it, on account of I’ve had to do three weeks worth of work in advance, before I go.

Which is basically where I’m at right now.

We leave for Florida on June 18th (also Terry’s birthday, so whew, thank God I won’t have to find something as good as all those surprises for him, eh? Happy birthday, Terry, I am taking you to Florida! You are helping me pay for it! You’re welcome!) . We’re only gone for two weeks, but I’ll need packing time before I leave, unpacking time when I get back and… well, I’d quite like a few extra days to lie around the house feeling sorry for myself, too. Factor in the inevitable flu (possibly of the swine variety!) and I figure I’ll need three weeks. Which means I have to write three weeks worth of blog posts before I go. (Note: not for this blog, obviously. I will be taking the laptop with me, so I’ll be able to update this one “on the go”. It’ll be like you’re all there with me! Either that or it’ll be like I totally didn’t bother to write anything for a fortnight because I’m lazy. Finding out will be part of the fun!) If I don’t do that, I won’t get paid, and then I’ll have to go to the workhouse, wah!

All of which is a long-winded way of saying sorry for the lack of updates, recently, but I’m buried under a pile of BLOG and I can’t seem to get out.

So, how’s your week?

  1. In my case, when I go away on vacation, I simply don’t get paid. Well, I do crazy amounts of work beforehand, but when I get back is when the stress really kicks in because hey! I haven’t made any money! Also, clients are riled up because I haven’t checked email! Of course, I tell them I’ll be away. But that doesn’t keep some of them from getting impatient anyway.

    But yay! You’re going to be in the sun soon!

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  2. Five stars for "fortnight"!

    Maybe you should take 5 minutes out of every hour to look at pictures from previous FL trips to calm down and remember how wonderful vacation will be?

  3. Hey, this will make you feel better: I work for someone else (well actually for the State, I work in a hospital and in a lab) and before I leave for holidays I'm usually doing crazy overtime to finish all the work that I'd be doing if I wasn't on holiday. It's so annoying.. so I almost never go on holidays..

    Anyways, enjoy Florida! I've been there (only) once and it's just lovely!! Hope you have good weather and no flu what-so-ever! and btw, good idea for the b-day gift:))

  4. Have a good holiday! Maybe you should consider taking two days off before you fly (apart from packing things) instead of after you come back. Then you have less stress directly before you leave, and may avoid getting sick altogether?

    fortnight: I think Amy meant she loves the use of the word, its not an often used internet term. I am not a native speaker and this is one of the most English words if that makes sense.

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