Because I am a selfish childfree person, I spent all my money* on a new dress and shoes. Yay! I also decided to give myself the day off on Monday, so everyone have a great holiday weekend (assuming you’re on holiday, that is. If you’re not, sorry for rubbing your nose in it.)!

(* Not really, though. That was a joke. These both be bargains. Arrr! Oh no, wait: that’s pirate speak, isn’t it?)


  1. Eeee! It’s the cute dress you posted on The Fashion Police! (And you look WAY cuter than the model, just to tell you.) I love it!

  2. Love the dress, didn't see the model but you look terrific in it, especially with the red shoes. Ay Ay Sailor!!

  3. I love that dress! I really want a nautical dress but I can’t find any good ones. I had my eye on one on ebay but someone outbid me.
    The shoes are so cute too.

  4. Awww! Love the dress! Beautiful detailing on the back. Who is it made by? I am soo not on holiday but you enjoy yours! (more jealous of the dress than of the holiday, cause will be going on mine soon too:))

    Veronika´s last blog post..Waiting for..

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