Review | Boots No 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in ‘Nightshade’ (black)


Oh dear. I really wanted to like this. I'd wanted black nail polish for a while, but I'm kinda wishing I'd just gone for the Chanel one I really wanted rather than trying to save money here, because although Boots No. 17's fast Finish Polish is certainly cheap, at £2.88 per bottle, I soon found out why.

Despite shaking this thoroughly before using it, the polish was still very watery: so much so that I needed three coats to get it to the jet black shown above – the first just left my nails a watery grey, and the second wasn't a whole lot better. It does dry fast, which is one of its main selling points, but because I had to keep piling on more of it, I didn't really save any time, and some of my nails ended up looking a little bit lumpy.

Overall, not a great performance, although I guess you get what you pay for: if you're thinking of trying a new colour you know you won't wear all that often, this could be a good option as it's certainly cheap enough to let you experiment without spending a fortune. Unfortunately for me, the 'Cupcake' colour I also bought (a very pale pink, almost nude), intending to use as my "go to" polish for everyday wear was also very watery, and therefore difficult to apply, so I don't think I'll be trying this again. If you want to give it a go, though, it's £2,88 from Boots.