Because I have a tendency to stick to what I like (to put it politely) with perfumes, Mr Dollface has become pretty much immune to my scent. All of them. Not this one, though. Because when I sprayed on Salvatre Ferragamo's 'Incanto Shine' today, Mr Dollface said it "made his nose twitch". Luckily he meant that it a good way.

Packaged in a pretty bottle that brings to mind a rainbow appearing after a heavy shower, this is a scent which seems particularly appropriate for this time of year, when we're finally emerging into warmth and sunshine after a long, cold winter. Its makers say:

"Inspired by sheer happiness, the pleasure of peace and harmony, and long walks at one with nature, this whimsical fragrance is a sunny blend of ripe fruits, fresh blossoms, warm woods, and soothing amber."

Which is a fairly good assessment of it, actually. It's sweet without being cloying, and although there are top notes of pineapple and passion fruit, it's not too fruity either. A nice summer fragrance, this is $28.99 from Perfume Centre.

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