I still haven't got round to trying any of the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, but I already think I might love them, purely because of the cute little Harajuku doll packaging. Yes, I AM that easily swayed when it comes to products!

This set is $57 from Sephora and includes 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray and a 0.04 oz Solid Perfume. According to te description, the scent itself is "romantic sensual", otherwise I'd have said this would make a great gift for a little girl/teenager. As it is, it would make a good gift for, well, me, because even if I didn't like the scent, I'd probably enjoy putting the little dolls on my dressing table. If I actually had a dressing table, that is. Note to self: get dressing table. Put pretty bottles of scent on it.

  1. I actually got this set as a present from my friend, they all smell really good and I never leave the house without wearing it. I also like this chocolate perfume and madame.

  2. I’ve got the Music perfume too! And I also admit I only bought it because of the cute, original packaging. The scent itself is a barely a breath of pear plus white flowers, though.
    Elsewhere on blogs & reviews the scents have taken a bit of a bashing. In the course of making my mind up which one to buy, I had agree that they are very light & not long-lasting, and even though there are 5 options they all seem to derive from the same overt “flowery feminine” base. A bit cheap-smelling unfortunately.
    Off-setting the crapness of the scent though is the fabby packaging. I’m guessing that’s where all the thought & money went. I plan to retain the empty bottle and still display it as a kitschy ornament in its own right.
    I agree that the range is aimed at the younger market, and think its fair play that they’ve priced the range accordingly. I only paid £19/c.$34 for the larger size bottle. For that price you’d think I’d give it a better talking-up, huh?

  3. I only really like music, there’s another one or two that are ok but one of them, forgot what it is now, is awful, smells like some really cheap rubbish you get for little kids…

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