Heal-A-Heel moisture socks by Go Girl heal cracked heels


Beauty confession time: does anyone actually do that whole "apply foot cream then wear socks to bed" thing we're all supposed to be doing to keep our feet nice and soft? Because trust me, I've tried, but at this time of year even Dollface Towers is too warm for bed socks, so I always end up putting it off until "tomorrow", which, as we know, never actually comes, does it?

These 'Heal-a-Heel' socks by Go Girl, however, are designed to address this very problem, allowing you to heal your cracked heels without having to sacrifice your comfort in bed. As you can see, they're minus a toe, which means they'll probably look a little "surgical" when you wear them, even despite the pink colour, but at least they won't make your feet too hot. The heel also contains a "moisture zone" in the heel, which helps to lock in moisture – just slather on some of your favourite foot cream before you wear them for best results. Apparently this moisture zone will last for around three months, and they can be hand washed in soapy water.

BUY: Heal-a-Heel Moisture socks, $24