You know when you’re out somewhere, and you suddenly decide you need to use the public toilet, so you do, and then on your way out you’re walking past a huge gang of teenagers when you suddenly become aware of a strange, tugging sensation at your foot, so you look down and realise that – yes! – a long piece of toilet tissue has become attached to the heel of your shoe in the bathroom, and you’re now proudly parading it through the local mall, like some weird kind of streamer?


Still, I’ve always known this, or something very similar to it, would happen to me one day, so in some ways I’m actually glad it’s over with. And never to be repeated, I hope.

  1. Well, at least you noticed, sooner rather than later I hope. But the best part is, you HAVE to open a bottle of wine now. Its the rules after you get toilet roll stuck on your shoe. And you get bonus chocolate if it was high heels, cos that takes skill to get it stuck on such a small heel, trainers is a no brainer, and you dont get chocolate for that. See? Every cloud…!

  2. It's happened to me, and my friends that were around thought it was hilarious. Having your friends spot it I think was more embarassing as they teased me for the rest of the day about it. Luckily, I didn't wear the toilet paper for too long, they spotted it as soon as I came out of the toilet. But still, soooo embarassing, lol.

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