Hmmm. I really want to love the idea of this, but I have to say I'm just a little bit skeptical about the idea of paying $17 for what's essentially just a spray bottle of water, albeit one that's enhanced with rose water, and probably smells gorgeous.

It's designed to be sprayed onto the face, either to give your skin a bit of extra hydration as and when it's needed, or to help "fix" your makeup. (Does anyone actually do that whole "spraying water on the face to fix the makeup" thing? I don't, but maybe I should be?).

It's a limited edition version of MAC's original Fix +, and as I say, I want to like it, but I just can't help thinking I could just use normal water for this purpose, and spend my $17 on something else. Probably mascara.

What does everyone else think? Have you used this? Do you like it, or does it just do the same job as regular water?

Buy:M.A.C. Fix+ Rose Mist

  1. I made up a small spray bottle of mineral water and I just add a few drops of tea tree to help my skin. The spray bottle was £1, tea tree oil was £3 and the mineral is 60p whenever I run out, usually every 2 weeks or so as I carry my little bottle with me everywhere! It’s excellent, makes me feel more awake, instantly makes my foundation flawless again, and the tea tree helps keep the oil at bay and makes my skin tingle. Surely you could just do the same with rose water? $17.. complete rip-off.

  2. I don’t get the whole ‘fix with water’ idea either. Would be great it it did work but I can’t imagine how?? Surely it just dilutes your make up or makes it lose it’s “grip”?? I know that Jane Iredale does a line of “spray fixers” for her mineral make-up but I still don’t see how spraying liquid on your face sets make up……

  3. I have tried this – and I love it. I didn’t want to but after a make up lesson at the mac counter the girl offered this to me. Not knowing what it was I was sceptical but she used it then told me to see how my make up was later that night.
    I went back the next day and bought it – and use it for all my special occassions.
    Just not havig to worry about my eye shadow creasing or my blusher running off my face when I get hot after dancing all night.
    Would definitely recommend it.

  4. I wonder if it does contain some sort of fixative agent, as the name suggests – given that Mhairi attests to it setting her makeup in place. A bit like Benefit’s She-laq, which to me sounds creepily like an embalmer’s tool, but which seals in eyeliner and lipstick too.
    I remember spraying my face with a light misting of Evian spray years ago, at the suggestion of some magazine article (in the years before internet, you see), and going in a huff with the dainty process, as it only made my already-dried mascara smudge.
    I’m afraid I wouldn’t buy it. I ….err…”glow” enough anyway, without another layer of sheen added. I do like rose-scented products though.

  5. I’ve been using the regular Fix+ for some time now, as it was highly recommended by the author of (just look at the video tutorials section, which is great btw). I do use it for special occasions and when I’m in the mood and I think as Mhairi said it does help to fix your makeup. If you apply it with a brush rather (as suggested at than spritzing your face directly, the bottle will go a very long way.

  6. Fix+ is definatly worth the $$$ if you want to keep your makeup on all day. I have tried some other mineral water sprays and they make my setting powder look spongey and strange, but the Fix+ makes it look smooth and dewy. Very much worth it.

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