Paper Surprise

Remember my birthday surprises, and how you thought there was no way I could possibly still be talking about them in MAY, considering my birthday was in March?

You were wrong.

I still had one surprise left to redeem. That surprise was the Paper Surprise, and because the Paper Surprise took a while to prepare, it didn’t arrive until this morning.


But not just any old book, because OMG, it’s a book about ME!


Well, OK, a book about me and Terry. And our wedding. Which, no, we never actually bothered to get any photos printed from, until now, so this was a particularly lovely surprise for me. Each page has photos from the wedding, and lots of them also have little quotes chosen by Terry:


We had a lot of Beatles songs at our wedding. A LOT of Beatles songs.


I tried to take more photos, but they came out blurry, and also this kept happening:


I don’t actually make him pose like that, by the way. He just sees me with a camera and is all, “Oh, hai! I can has piktur taken?”

And that conludes the “Surprise” section of this blog. I think Terry deserves a round of applause for his efforts, don’t you? People, I give you… TERRY!


(Note: I am not actually giving you Terry, OK? He is mine.)