Random Act of Stupidity # 639

I leave the house to go to the supermarket. In one hand: my wallet, into which I have cunningly crammed my phone. In the other: a huge pile o’rubbish, destined for the bin that sits outside the door.

What I threw into the bin: my wallet and phone.

What I tried to carry with me into the car: the huge pile o’rubbbish.

If it was the first time it had happened, it wouldn’t be so bad, but, er no.

In conclusion: crawling headfirst into a rubbish bin = not a great way to start the day. But the way I am apparently destined to start many more of mine…

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  • Reply May 14, 2009

    Amanda Nicole

    When I’m finished preparing food, sometimes I’ll put the plate in the fridge instead of the butter or whatever and then pick up the butter and go to sit down. I’d like to say this only happens at breakfast time, but…

    Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..peas in a pod

    • Reply May 14, 2009


      Haha! And yep, I’ve done that one too. Have also placed the remote control in the fridge…er, let’s just say ‘more than once’.

  • Reply May 14, 2009


    At least I am not alone in beginning the day delving into a rubbish bin! I threw our week’s worth of rubbish into the wrong bin this morning (recycling instead of normal), so had to get it all out again.

    • Reply May 15, 2009


      Ah, it’s not much fun, is it?

  • Reply May 14, 2009


    Thanks, Amber, you smit me with this post!

    I read it earlier, and laughed it off. Oh how funny, I said to myself, I remember the first time this happened to Amber, and I thought how Terry should go in the bin for wrongly discarded items. Tee hee, wont happen to me, cos, well, it just wont. Ok?

    Then after lunch, I walked calmly to the kitchen, set the pot noodle in the sink and tossed the fork in the bin.

    Ta very much for the crazy influence you have on my life. maybe tomorrow you want to win the lottery or something?

    (Some would say I deserve it for eating a pot noodle, but we all have our vices, please don’t judge me! x)

    • Reply May 15, 2009


      Without word of a lie, I read this comment just a few minutes after eating a Pot Noodle. So no judgement from me!

  • Reply May 14, 2009


    You were probably wearing the wrong shoes, and they made you all confused. Buy some more shoes to remedy the situation.

    Tracey´s last blog post..Willpower. I don’t has it.

  • Reply May 15, 2009


    I agree with tracey (I would!!), but have to say at least your stories make us all laugh. The question now is whether I would choose to delve in a bin just to entertain the masses… nah probably not.

    Extending my sympathies, in that case!

    <abbr>Lauren´s last blog post..Trends – how to follow fashion with a vintage twist</abbr>

  • Reply May 15, 2009


    Actually this is one of my greatest fears. Everytime I throw my garbage in the trash there is a split second that I freak and think I’ve tossed my keys in there with it. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know it will. My other fear is when I’m getting out my keys while getting off the elevator – I always think I’m gonna drop them right down the shaft!

    Wanderlusting´s last blog post..The story of the yellow tights

  • Reply May 15, 2009

    Rock Hyrax

    No picture this time? How about you and the bin, behind an incongruously cheerful looking Rubin (as in the wall-of-clothes)?

  • Reply May 16, 2009


    The other day as I was going out I grabbed a pile of empty bottles to throw in the recycling bin. My mistake? Holding them in the same hand as my car keys. You can guess what happened next…

    I had a brilliant solution for the dilemma though, my teenage daughter’s friend was with me (I was going out to drop her home) and she very kindly volunteered to get them out for me. Which was handy because she’s a lot taller than my tiny 5 feet. So, folks, keep a teenager handy!

    Selina´s last blog post..A new use for an old favourite

    • Reply May 16, 2009

      Rock Hyrax

      I just remembered my own solution to this, which I devised after the horrific day I dropped my car keys (probably down a drain): put one of the rings on the key ring on one of your fingers, so even if you do the throwing action the keys should stay safe.

  • Reply May 20, 2009


    this is a big worry of mine!! I always think I've thrown my keys out with the rubbish but it hasn't happened yet. Perhaps we shouldn't try to multitask so much?

    <abbr>tahda´s last blog post..when bad eds happen to good people</abbr>

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