In response to a request from Ola at A Slick of Gloss, here are some quick comparison shots to illustrate just why it is that I keep banging on endlessly about:

a) my love for eyelash curlers

b) my love for Lancome L'Extreme Waterproof Mascara

So, here are my eyelashes:


And here are my eyelashes on drugs after they've been curled. I use the shu uemura Mini Eyelash Curler, but I'm going to make a shocking beauty confession here and admit that, although it's good, I don't think it's that much better than many of the cheaper versions I've used over the years.


As you can see, the curled eyelashes make my eyes look wider, but the difference isn't particularly dramatic, and without mascara, the curl will drop out pretty soon anyway. Enter Lancome L'Extreme…

 That's better. Because this is the waterproof formula, my lashes will stay like that now until I take the mascara off. The non-waterproof version of L'Extreme is nice, but it doesn't hold the curl, therefore it doesn't get bought.

Here's what happens when you use a non-waterproof mascara:


I'd curled my lashes before using this mascara too, but the curl is just instantly dragged out by the mascara. The lashes may well be equally as long as the picture above, but because they're straight, they don't look it.

And that's why I love Lancome L'Extreme!

  1. Thank you so much Amber! Both for the photos and the fact I got mentioned at Hey, Dollface! Making me blush here 😉
    The pictures are great – I simply can’t believe how much difference the waterproof mascara makes. I suppose the summer will be a great time for me to try one of those, as I don’t think I ever have done…
    I’m very tempted to go and buy both curlers and L’Extreme Waterproof right NOW, this minute 😉

  2. Is it weird that eye-lash curlers seem to make my eye lashes look shorter? It’s like they bend them so much that from the side, it looks like I have very short lashes, and from the front, I just look very surprised. Maybe I don’t use them right…
    I too have this L’Extreme (non-waterproof), but use it only for a “natural” look as it is too thin and makes my lashes clump and look thin as well.

  3. Just to comment: you have such beautiful eyes, to go with your zingy hair. And annoyingly, zero under-eye shadowing.
    I’d never thought of the difference in holding a curl that waterproof mascara could make. I do notice my current under-performing brand does tend to knock the curl out of the lashes. I’ll bear your evidence in mind the next time I’m shopping for one, thanks.

  4. Very interesting! I never got to grips with eyelash curlers, and now I see it’s because my lashes curl up naturally (thank goodness, cos them things are SCARY). You do a great job though, and I can see why you love your mascara! x

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