Remember last week, when I tried out Asda's gradual self-tan moisturiser, and wasn't really impressed with it?

You'd think I'd have learned an important lesson about budget tanning products from that, but obviously you would think wrong, because I NEVER learn, and so this week I went back and bought their Fake Tan Lotion.

And actually? I'm really glad I did, because as self-tanning products go, this is a good 'un. No, seriously.

Like the gradual tanner, this is only about £2.50 per bottle. Unlike the gradual tanner, it's a "proper" fake tan, that develops fully in just a few hours and then stays on for days. Also unlike the gradual tanner, it actually develops into a really nice colour: not too dark, but dark enough to create the illusion of a natural tan. Result!

Another thing I really liked about this was the fact that it dries quickly, so although they recommend wearing dark, loose clothing afterwards, you don't really need to worry about walking around naked, terrified to get fake tan on your clothes, towels etc. I didn't wear dark clothing afterwards (Because I am stupid. Always follow the instructions, kids!) but it didn't rub off on anything, and I didn't feel uncomfortable sticky either, which is something I absolutely HATE about the whole fake tanning process.

Oh, and it doesn't smell either, as confirmed by Mr Dollface.

Overall, then, a good result from Asda: and a product I will definitely buy again!

  1. I’m off to buy this today, so if it isn’t good, I’m holding YOU responsible for wasting my £2.50 😉
    If it does work, you get my eternal gratitude. I’ve been a St Tropez whore for so long now my bank account is full of dustballs.

  2. Hi, I love this product….gives off the perfect tan!! Although my local Asda has stopped selling it 🙁 do you know if this product has been discontinued?!

    1. Charlotte, it has been discontinued, unfortunately – I was gutted when I found out, I’ve used it all summer, and I absolutely love it: it’s the best fake tan I’ve used, AND the cheapest. I’m hoping they’ll realise the error of their ways and bring it back…

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