I’ve actually had these MeMeMe eyeshadows for a couple of weeks now, but, true to form, my eyes decided to do their usual, “Oh, you’re going on holiday soon! Guess we’ll just break out in painful red  blotches and maybe swell up a bit, too!” thing. So, yeah, thanks for that, guys, love you too.

(Note: nothing to do with this, or any other, product, I hasten to add, just my bad luck.)

Anyway, I finally got around to trying them out this week, and you’ll find some pictures of what they look like on after the jump. These are metallic shades of silver and bronze, but they’re fairly dull metallics so there’s no glitter or anything like that – in fact, they’re subtle enough to wear during the day, I’d say.

When you open the cap, you find a sponge applicator attached to it: this is the only thing I wasn’t;t keen on, because I prefer a brush, and the sponge was a little bigger than I like, but it’s easy enough to use. The colour goes on smoothly and builds up easily if you want a deeper colour. It calls itself a “Long Lasting” eyeshadow, and I’d agree with that – I tried it without primer to test the claim fully, and it stayed on all day, no problem.

This is available from Superdrug, although you’ll have to look for it in-store only.

re that I’m not a fan of waxing, so I tend to do Mememe-shadows

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  1. Oh yay! Summer is officially here when the metallic cosmetics come out to play.
    Now, I’ll do my usual tonal disagreement with these. My cool colouring says I should go with the silver. My hair and freckles (groan – SPF 30 and they’re still blossoming) will clamour for the bronze.

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