I’m getting ready for my vacation today, so I leave you with a couple of guest posts from makeup-artist-in-training, Kerry Walker. Kerry writes…

One of the best discoveries I made while studying to become a make up artist, is foundation primers. Prior to this, I was strictly a ‘moisturiser only’ type of girl. “These fancy primer potions are just a have”, thought I. Having not used any, I wondered what kind of a difference a primer could possibly make? But once I did try them, it was a bit like that scene in The Wizard of Oz, where everything suddenly becomes colourful (but without the singing little people and the ruby slippers. *Sigh* ruby slippers…).

 A primer acts as base coat layer to help your foundation go on more smoothly and stay put for longer. It fills in fine lines and large pores and makes skin silky smooth and lovely and matte. Just like you wouldn’t paint your house without a base coat, if you want a long-lasting, flawless looking foundation application – you should use a primer. But be warned, not all primers are created equal. Some are quite drying and some are just glorified moisturisers. The ones I prefer contain a small amount of silicone and look like a gel. Smashbox Photo Finish  is a good example of this – however, it’s very pricey. Shop around, some make up companies make very good “photofinish-like” primers for a fraction of the cost.

You can apply a primer with a sponge, a brush, or just your fingers. If you do use a sponge or a brush, make sure you only use that one for primer and use a different one for your foundation. Foundation and primer don’t mix very well. Similarly, after you’ve applied your foundation, you should wait until it has fully dried before applying foundation. Once the primer has dried, you can apply your liquid, mineral, or powder foundation and your beautiful Dollface is good to go!

[Kerry Walker]
  1. I’ve found a good gel like primer that won’t upset your purse too much. Its by GOSH and is found in Superdrug stores. Its called ‘Velvet Touch Foundation Primer’ and is about 12 quid! Mine has lasted quite a while now so its definitely worth it!

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