I fail at blogging yet again this week, folks, sorry: it’s the same old “Wah! Getting ready for my trip, wah, wondering how the hell I’ll get all that STUFF in my case, wah, workity-workity-work. Wah!” thing again, but I do have this delightful question from Yahoo Answers to share with you:


Wow, Slutty Pineapple fails at LIFE, doesn’t she? Auditioning for World’s Worst Parent Award, perhaps?

The link to this was sent to me by Lucy, who correctly deduced that it would make my head explode. Happily, though, my faith in humanity was restored somewhat by the answers to the question, most of which made the point that ol’ Slutty there shouldn’t really be breeding if this is her approach to parenting. I did get a kick out of this one, though:


This person had also clearly taken a beating from the Stupid Stick:


I’d like to think our friend McPineapple is just your common or garden troll looking for attention, but sadly, barely a day goes by without the question “Can I dye my new baby’s ginger hair?” cropping up in my search referers, so there are actually people in the world who would do this, and that’s why you should need a licence of some kind to have children. I mean, seriously, can you even IMAGINE putting hair dye on a little baby’s head?

Oh a happier note, though, Kristabella sent me this:


Awesome. And also true. So all you Slutty Pineapples better watch it

EDIT: Since posting this, “Slutty Pineapple” has contacted me to say this question was supposed to be a joke. She says: “Thanks for putting my question on your site. It was a joke, I have nothing against red-headed people.  I apologize.  I googled my  yahoo name, and that was the first thing that came up. Peoples’ comments were rather entertaining.”

So it was a “joke”. Oh, my aching sides!

  1. Is Slutty Pineapple for real? I know there are all sorts of stupid people on the internet, but seriously, her question takes stupidity to new heights.

    1. Well, as I said, she may well be a troll, but I know there are a lot of people who actually do think like that – quite frightening!

  2. I like how she phrased it: "I don't like red hair?" Like, "Maybe I do? Someone please tell me what to think?" Maybe that is what she needs. Maybe someone should reply and say, "Yes. You do like red hair." Then her disgusting puzzlement over how to cosmetically alter and emotionally damage her baby might be put to rest.

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  3. That sort of thing is ridiculous. There would never be a similar issue with any other hair colour/skin colour/anything!! You can tell that this person is a moron – just the name 'Slutty Pineapple'. Ugh. Also: ginger power! Now with weapons. 😀

  4. Ugh, why do people hate red hair so much? I don't get it. I colored mine red and get lots on compliments on it so what's with these people that don't like it?

  5. Gah. Speechless – just wanted to show some love, hence the gah.

    Am I really the only woman in the world looking for a mate with ginger genes so that I'm more likely to HAVE a ginger baby?

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  6. Love the motivational poster caption for the Weasleys!

    My mom had lunch with some friends yesterday and one of them has multi-colored streaks in her hair. She's a music teacher and my mom commented that lots of little girls coming in for music lessons must LOVE her hair. If I had known when I was 3 or 4 that it was possible to color hair purple or pink, I would have been all over that. Happily, my mother wouldn't have been stupid enough to color a child's hair. I did get several perms (it WAS the 80s…). But… a BABY? This is almost as stupid as people wanting to color their dog's hair.

  7. Argh, I'd *kill* for red hair! Not literally, I should point out (rest easy, redheads!). But I've always been resentful that I didn't inherit my grandmother's red hair. I feel deeply deeply sorry for Slutty Pineapple Jr.

  8. Gah, you need to get a dog license to have a dog but all you need is a lot of beer and two minutes to have a baby. At least if you're an idiot like the Pineapple. Dye a baby's hair? Doesn't she realize the skull isn't completely closed?????

    People that stupid shouldn't be allowed the privelege of a red head baby. Or any baby for that matter. Poor baby.

  9. I think the stupid people like pineapple don't want to stand out. They just wanna be like everyone else… I hope her child gets the intelligence from her fathers side…

    Bu there are also positive initiatives! Here in Belgium an amusement park organises Red Hair day and gives all redheads free entrance to the park…

  10. Mind-blowingly cretinous. The dumb-f*ck "dismay" about her tiny tot's hair. The beyond-dumb-f*ck consideration over actually dyeing a baby's hair/otherwise fooling about with her cosmetically.

    Let's get really bitchy in response here: I'm assuming Pineapple has never met her grandparents – which is where her offspring's ginger gene most likely came from.

  11. Wow. Just WOW. I don't expect anyone to do any research here, but she was just joking. If you were to look at her profile and other questions you would've seen that her personality reflects among humor. That includes offensive humor. She asks bizarre questions like that ALL the time just to get a reaction out of people, but I don't believe she is troll. It's cool that you're a proud Ginger, but just going by a question you saw online without doing any research and then making a blog and assuming stuff, really makes you no better.

    The people you claim that were "hit with a stupid stick" KNEW that she was just joking because they are all friends on the site, which is why they humored her and answered just as offensively as the question was.

    They were just JOKING but unfortunately other people in the world think like that.

    ~Daughter of a Ginger and a regular user on Yahoo!Answers

    1. To be perfectly honest, if you go around making "jokes" that are highly offensive, and you make them in the public domain, where the majority of people don't know you, then you have to expect to be judged for it. The "joke" isn't funny, and as you say yourself, there are people – and a lot of them, unfortunately – who DO say things like this in all seriousness. It's like making racist comments and then going, "oh, but I was only joking!" – fair enough, but you have to accept that not everyone will find you as hilarious as those who are in on the joke will.

      It's cool that you want to stand up for your friend, but joke or not, I think it was an ill-advised comment to make in the public domain, and it looks like I'm far from the only one who didn't find it funny.

      As for "research", well, looking at her profile would only have told me that she's asked a lot of other stupid questions, too: because I don't know her, I wouldn't necessarily infer from that that she must be joking, I could just as easily assume that she's the kind of person who really does think like that. As I've said, some people do, and if you around acting like you're one of them, you can't be surprised when people take you at face value.

      1. I agree with you. I am not justifying her actions, all I'm trying to clarify is that she really doesn't think like that and really has nothing against anyone. And I'm not saying that the majority of people in the world would not find it offensive.

        What I meant by look at her profile, is that Yahoo provides an "About Me" section, and in that space she provided information that stated she shouldn't be taken seriously. but once again I'm not saying I expect people to do research and I agree with your example. If someone makes racist statements and then just says they're joking is not humorous. So just because she said she is just joking after saying something offensive, doesn't mean she meant what she's saying and her sincerity is brought into question.

        However, I know her and I know that is not the kind of person she is. I didn't post a comment here to bash you or to say you're wrong because it would make no sense for me to. You were merely voicing your opinion about something you inferred from what seems to be pure ignorance from someone else. If I did not know her, I would most likely be stating the same.

        Yes, the question is highly offensive and most wouldn't find it funny, I realize that.

        Your reaction to the whole situation is a normal one and I do not think that you posting a blog about her question is wrong in anyway BUT as her friend I felt I had to stand up for her. The only thing I am clarifying is that she is not ignorant like that and holds no ill-will towards gingers or anyone else.

        Sorry for the long note ^^;

        1. Oh sure – I understand you wanting to stick up for her: I'd imagine that the joke would be obvious to the people who do know her, although it obviously wasn't as obvious to those who don't. She has been in touch herself, and I've added an edit to the post so that anyone who finds it now will see that the comments were meant in jest. I get a lot of visitors to this site who've found it having searched for information about whether they can dye their babies red hair, which is why I had no trouble believing that this was for real, and it touched a nerve because I know several redheads who have been physically bullied, etc. I don't actually use Yahoo Answers myself, the link was sent to me by someone else, so I didn't think to check the profile, but I do take your point about doing that in future!

          1. Thanks for understanding, I didn't mean to come across as hostile, if I did.

            After having visited here, I have found more insight myself. After she told me about this blog,

            I honestly didn't believe that people didn't realize she was joking, but then after a quick search here and Google, I was mildly surprised at others being serious and asking VERY similar questions. My mother, she speaks of her bullying of when she was a child being a ginger herself.

            But I cannot fathom how it must feel to be teased over something so trivial. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, but thank you for honoring me with responses (I didn't think you would, haha) And I apologize for the long comments, I get a little defensive and feel the need to explain sometimes ^^; & in a way thank you for giving me my insight on this situation. I feel I understand it more.

            Have a great day!


            1. Haha, I'm the queen of the long comment, so seriously, don't worry about it! And you didn't come across as hostile, either: I totally understand why you posted your comment and you did it in the most reasonable way possible, especially given that I'd taken something seriously that I know now was meant in jest 🙂

  12. Wow. This is really bizarre. I'm from California and I had no idea people I this level of hate for red heads. Its baffling. Clearly, some people have way too much time on their hands if they a) take the time to contemplate their distaste for redheads and b)take the time to ask a "joke" question at the expense of a ginger baby on the internet.

    I personally find your creamy complexion and red hair striking and beautiful. I have come to the terrible conclusion that people love having something to hate, whether it be because of jealousy or insecurity.

  13. Well, everything is cleared up, but it stays awefull that somepeople really think this! I personally think that gingers are quite attractive ^^ It’s just that most boys here tend to dye their hair or they are plain idiots x’D
    But I never really get the point in what actually is ”wrong/weird” about having redhair 😛

    Sorry for the useless reply, but I just felt like doing so ^^;

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