Guest Post: How to make your eyes pop….. (not literally)

Kerry Walker writes…

Ever noticed that your eye colour really seems to ‘pop’ with some eyeshadow, and not with others?  If you want to know how to make the most of your beautiful brown, gorgeous green or bonny blue eyes, then you have to go back to primary school.  Because it’s all about the colour wheel.

Exhibit A: Colour Wheel


In order to accentuate the colour of your eyes, you should choose an eyeshadow colour that is opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel.  For instance, I have blue eyes (well, they are really grey, but I like to say that they are blue) and opposite blue is orange.  This doesn’t mean that you have to have fluorescent mango coloured lid!  Just look for colours with orange-y tones.

Exhibit B: Eyeshadows with Orange-y tones:



Here’s some examples:



Don’t be afraid to play around with eye shadow colour.  Just remember to use brush, not those horrid sponge applicators, and to always blend, blend, blend.

[Kerry Walker]

A huge thank-you to Kerry for her excellent advice! ~ Dollface