Korres Watermelon Suncare Stick SPF30


We've been having what passes for a "heatwave" here in the UK for the past few days, and Mr Dollface keeps commenting that I "smell like summer holidays" – by which he means I absolutely reek of high factor sunscreen.

I know I've mentioned this a lot, but this is possibly the only downside of warm weather for me – the fact that I have to go around slathered in sticky, gloopy, smelly stuff that ruins my clothes and normally stinks to high heaven. (Because even although none of the ones I use smell bad, they do all smell strong, and that scent tends to cling to everything at this time of year.)

This is also why I'm drawn to Korres Watermelon Suncare Stick. It claims to smell like watermelon (unsurprisingly, given the name), you see, and that has to be better than smelling like… sunscreen. It comes in a stick, so you're not going to be able to cover your entire body with it, but it'll come in handy for topping up delicate areas like the nose, forehead and shoulders. If only ALL sunscreen smelled like fruit. (Or maybe …. cakes?)

BUY: Korres Watermelon Suncare Stick, £16