I’ve had barely any internet access since Friday afternoon. I KNOW! How have I coped? Well, “badly” would probably be the most accurate answer to that. Especially given that, even as I write this, I know there’s a really good chance my internet connection will go down again soon.

How do I know this? Because we’re having what counts as a “heatwave” for the UK. And every time – every SINGLE time – this happens, our broadband dies. It seriously never fails. Unlike, say, our internet connection, which has failed multiple times since Friday, meaning that I’ve now missed two days of work, and also that dress on eBay that I really wanted to bid on but missed because – hey! – NO INTERNET.

(Oh, and the internet on my iPhone? Also not working. And I think there’s probably a really simple reason for that, but I don’t know what it is, because, guess what? NO INTERNET.)

Virgin Media have booked us an engineer for tomorrow . This is to replace the one they had booked for today, but which they cancelled when we told them we thought the internet was working again. (It was at the time, but like I say, it’s intermittent. Sometimes it comes back just to taunt us, before dropping out again. Fun times, people, fun times.) When we called them back an hour later to say that, whoops, NO INTERNET, they were all, “Well, that’s OK, on account of how we didn’t ACTUALLY cancel the engineer call out anyway, we just SAID we did. But we didn’t. So he will come out on Monday and fix your internet!” And we were all, “Are you sure? No, are you absolutely sure, because we don’t think you are?” And they were all, “Phshaw, seriously, the engineer will be with you on Monday, we super-guarantee it with cherries on top!”

So, yeah, the engineer didn’t show up. Because they had cancelled him. So then Terry got to speak to Virgin on the phone for an hour and a half. He got to speak to just about everyone who works there, with the exception of anyone who could actually help him. The upshot? NO INTERNET. For FOUR DAYS now.

So. Obviously this experience has been a little bit like losing a limb. (It’s also been a LOT like losing money, on account of how I run an internet-based business, and for the last four days? NO INTERNET.)  I’m now so far behind with work that it’s going to take a small miracle for me to catch up tonight, and I also feel a bit like I’m blogging against the clock, frantically trying to get stuff written before this brief window of internet access slams shut once more.

Anyway, we’re hoping this will all be fixed again tomorrow, but if you never hear from me again, you’ll know why.

  1. Oh my goodness, that is traumatic! I have no problem being away from the internet while, say, on holidays, but sitting around the house? With no internets? BRUTAL. I hope it all gets ironed out soon!

    Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..little lamb

    1. It has been quite traumatic, purely because our livelihood basically depends on having access to it, so a four-day outage is not good news! It’s quite frightening to see just HOW dependent we are on it, though – all day we’ve been saying to each other, “Ooh, wait till you see this thing on the … oh. Yeah. It’s down.” Or, “I’ll just get that phone number from Goog…. Oh. Crap.”

    1. I don't think that's going to happen somehow, but given that they've just cancelled our engineer 30 minutes before he was due to arrive, I'll definitely be asking for some kind of compensation…

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