One week today I'll be in Sephora, folks! Well, actually, that's not true: one week today I'll be somewhere above the Atlantic, probably clinging onto my armrest for dear life and wondering if I'm going to die. But not too long after that, I'll be in Sephora. And clearly Sephora knows I'm coming, because why else would they produce something like this?

Yes, it's 21 classic Stila products, all in a little carry case. I'm telling myself it's a waste of money (Which it probably is) because the likelihood of me actually liking or using all of those products is probably pretty small, but even so, it's $400 worth of makeup for $150. Temptation, thy name is Sephora…

For the full list of products, visit

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  1. God, I envy you this trip with your detour into Sephora in all its niche-cosmetics glory. Say hello to the Smashbox counter for me while you’re there, please.
    Have to say though, I squarely put the blame on Stila’s shoulders for the perpetuation of the lipgloss trend over lipstick. How many years of being faced with pen-dispenser shades of fruity gloop was it?
    I should get one of their Convertible Colour compacts though. They’re supposed to be good and I like cream rouge.

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