1. Worked on my novel. Remember my novel? Huh. Me neither, apparently.

Wordcount when I started working on my novel this week: 13,175 words

Wordcount as of rightthisveryminute: 11,752. (Although some of those don’t actually count because they say things like “Chapter One” and “Chapter 2” and stuff. )

So. Obviously something went way the hell wrong there. I mean, I realise I’m no expert, but, you know, pretty sure the wordcount isn’t supposed to go down with each new writing session. The problem is… well, it’s me. I’m very… edit-y. And I know! I know editing-as-you-go is EXACTLY the thing They tell you not to do. I know that! I’ve read the same “How to Write a Novel” books They have.  But I just can’t help myself. If I’m not happy with something at the start of the book, I can’t write any more until I’ve gone back and fixed it (trust me, I’ve tried. Can’t.). So that’s what I did, which is why I ended up a couple of thousand words down. I thought up some more words while I was in the shower this morning, though, so I will add them in soon and I will have even MORE words. Some of which I may even like!

2. Worried a lot about my upcoming flight to Florida

Yes. Two weeks today, people. And I thought I was OK with it this time. I mean, OK, I’d woken up in a cold sweat a couple of times thinking, “OMG, I’m not going to Florida AT ALL, am I? I’m going to my fiery, or perhaps watery, death!” but I was mostly OK with it. “Planes are very safe,” I told myself. “They hardly ever crash!” And then this happened. And since then, it’s been pretty much all I can think about: we’re talking nightmares, freak-outs, the lot. I know it’s irrational, so no one needs to give me the whole “It’s the safest form of travel!” thing (Seriously, I don’t think I know ANY scaredy fliers who are actually ever comforted by that statistic anyway. Especially not right after a major air disaster.)  but knowing it’s an irrational fear doesn’t make it any easier to stop myself worrying about it, so, yeah, fun times! Especially for Terry and my parents.

(Also: there is almost always an air disaster right before I’m due to fly. Almost always. I’m starting to think I’m some kind of Harbinger of Doom to the air travel industry…)

3. Tried to do yoga

You know what’s really boring? Yoga. Seriously.

4. Cleaned the house.

My house was really clean while the internet was down. Now? Not so much.

5. Hit the “refresh” button on my browser repeatedly while muttering “Is it back yet? How about now? NOW? I wonder if it’s back yet?” It wasn’t much fun, but hey, it passed the time.

6.  Half-heartedly weeded the garden.

Like, really half-heartedly. In the sense of “I was wearing a skirt and nice shoes at the time, and I didn’t want to get them dirty”.  Note to self: buy house with no garden. Or with live-in-gardener. Stupid garden.

7. Went to St. Andrews.

It looked like this:













Rubin also got a haircut that day. He looks like this now:












Then, in the evening, the internet would come back up, and I’d have to try to cram a full days work into a few short hours.  Which was just as much fun as it sounds, really.

And that was my week of No Internet.  Luckily for us, it seems be working again, and thank God for that, I say: I don’t think my novel would have survived another couple of days!

      1. Wasn't he barking like a total idiot at the ASDA van when you were taking that picture?

        He may look like an angel but he is, without doubt, 100% arse 🙂

  1. I swear to god the intenet demons put the refresh button there just to taunt we mortals when the internet is slow or down. I think it gives them pleasure to watch our hopes repeatedly dashed!

    How does Rubin feel about his make-over? I mean he looks like an utterly strokable and cuddly – which just doesn't seem in-keeping with the whole threatening, protective wolf thing he's got going on…

    <abbr>Caroline´s last blog post..Challenged</abbr>

  2. How did you manage to edit that much?? 😛 Rubin looks really cute! I'm loving the short look on him 😀

  3. HOW cute is Rubin! I'm not particularly a "dog person" but after seeing Rubin I now want one.

    I feel for you with the flying thing…I'm flying this weekend and even though it's only to Spain I could do without the air disasters thankyouverymuch!

    1. Yeah, the air disasters will make even the shortest flights seem like a bit of a nighhtmare. Good luck (although I'm sure you won't need it!)

    1. Oh, he's normally absolutely filthy! Seriously we can bathe or brush him and within hours he'll have rolled in something nasty. He's a high maintenance pet!

      1. Might be like me and running… as hard as I try I just don't get why it's meant to be fun/enjoyable. Even after doing the bupa 10k in under an hour (which was an achievement for me) I was still thinking god this is boring!

        <abbr>Zoe, Conversation Pieces´s last blog post..Tag, you’re it…</abbr>

  4. There was some famous writer dude who edited every single page as he went along. I mean pain-stakingly. It might have taken him forever and he's have a million drafts of ages 14 before he was happy, but when he was finished he knew the book was pretty damn perfect.

    If it works for you, then it works.

    Of course, what's not good? Thinking you're just about to creep over 15k, then realising for some reason you've copied and pasted a chapter and you were nowhere near the milestone at all. Not fun. Don't do that.

    <abbr>Siany´s last blog post..Graham & Green heart Great Britain</abbr>

  5. Thankyou for keeping Dollface going during this time of internet rationing.

    Rubin has that "matinee idol profile" look that I remember from my own little dog. How come canines are incapable of having a bad photo taken of them? The swine.

    Glad to know of someone else who has been defeated by the serenity of yoga. I incorporate some of the poses/stretches into gym warm-up though. Then move onto the *real* workout.

    I think it was Guy Maupassant who used to grapple with vocabulary and roll around on the floor, searching for the perfect word. "Procastinate": there's one. But it sounds as though you've moved forward with The Novel, which is always satisfying.


  6. Well, I think having a major airline disaster BEFORE you fly is ideal. Because then it's like the whole "lightning doesn't strike twice" thing, no?

    I have to admit, I don't ever freak out about flying (maybe only once when I flew right after watching the first episode of Lost, which was STUPID on my part) but that Air France thing kind of freaked me out a little.

    But you'll be fine! I know it!

    <abbr>Kristabella´s last blog post..For Whom The Bell Tolls</abbr>

  7. Yes, I do know how boring yoga is! In my first year in university a friend of mine and me went to a yoga class together… We were so bored that during one of the exercises, she grabbed my leg (to see what would happen) and knocked me over! I managed to take her down with me, where we began to laugh and laugh and laugh… I though the super serious yoga instructor was going to kill us!

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