Terry is in training for our trip to Florida. He ate this tonight. Good job we’ve got that gym membership…

  1. It won't take me long to burn off that 1 pound of beef 🙂 And I didn't eat it ALL, you had two mouthfuls remember? 😀

    1. After being brought up on Greek Mum sized portions my stomach has never recovered. Luckily I get myself to the gym quite often, otherwise I would be the size of a house 😀

    1. I made it, would you expect any less from me 🙂 However, it was only small scale test run. It just came into my head a few weeks ago that I wanted to make one of those massive burgers that you occasionally see in the news. And I would make that burger for a party (that doesn't exist yet) And at that party everyone would have a wee bit of the burger.

      And once an idea comes into my head I just have to do it! Today I am going to make a slightly bigger burger and hopefully that will be the last one before the super sized one that I am going to make for the party that doesn't exist 😉 yet…

    1. I must admit, even though I ate it about 13 hours ago, I am not even close to wanting anything else to eat yet.

  2. You should see that size of the burger he is cooking round at mine today!

    It is double – literally.

    If yesterdays was a whopper then today he is making the big mac. Two layers of burger in a triple layer bun with all the trimmings.

    There is only 3 of them going to be eating it as well.


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  3. NOM! looks yum. i ate part of a massive burger once, four of us shared it. and then i went for training afterwards and had to hold back the puke. good times. (:

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