Virgin Media once more my mortal enemy: no internet for five days

RantsJun 03 200916 Comments

(Note: this was actually written yesterday, but wasn’t posted because – hey! – NO INTERNET. Since then I’ve emailed a complaint to two different people at Virgin Media, but haven’t had a response.)

So, the Virgin Media engineer who was booked to come out to us today to fix our internet? Isn’t coming. Because Virgin cancelled the appointment. Thirty minutes before it was due to happen, because obviously our time isn’t important AT ALL, is it? Hell no, we can change our plans for you, Virgin Media, but don’t worry about letting us down at the last minute or anything, we’re only customers, after all!

And the reason they’re not sending the engineer? They’ve decided there is a “network issue in our area”. Well, it’s great you could finally join us in the “People Who Knew There Was a Network Issue in the Area” club, Virgin Media, because we told you that on Friday. It was obviously a network issue. The fact that it’s taken them FIVE FULL DAYS to work that out – five full days during which we’ve only occasionally been able to access the internet – is just unacceptable to me. If it takes them five days to work out there’s an issue affecting a whole area, then it doesn’t really inspire much confidence in them, does it?

So. Five days without the internet. Two missed appointments. Huge disruption to our lives and business. And the next time the weather’s hot, it’ll probably happen again (one of the many, many people we’ve spoken to over the past few days confirmed that there’s an issue connected to “hot” weather.). Obviously we realise that sometimes things go wrong: as Terry says, it’s how the company deals with those things that matters, and, once again, Virgin Media are doing a fantastic job of convincing me they really don’t give a crap about their customers.

I think it’s time to start investigating new ISPs…