…but only a very small one, because as anyone who reads my personal blog will know by now, I got a little bit carried away in the Neiman Marcus shoe department during my vacation, and had no money left for makeup. Boo! (But also, "yay!", because seriously, Christian Louboutin on sale: how could I resist?)

Anyway, I did go to Sephora, and while I took the opportunity to stock up on some old favourites, like my beloved Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, I did get some new things too, most notably, Lancome Oscillation (at LAST!) and the fabulous Lash Stash, which I wrote about a while back. So clearly you can expect a LOT of mascara reviews in the next few weeks. Ahem.

More posts will be up soon – hope everyone had a good couple of weeks!

  1. I’m off to America in a few weeks and have been saving up for my Sephora haul! That Smashbox Primer looks amazing. As a fellow pale-skinned girl, would you recommend just getting the clear original one or one of the tinted ones?

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