As the name suggests, this little kit is designed for the morning after the night before, and is perfect for party and festival goers, with energy patches, a herbal hangover remedy (it's a powder formula which you just pour into a glass of water, so nothing too taxing when you're feeling like hell!), plus one of their Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer, which is a gel mask.

Not being much of a party-animal these days, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that so far the only one of these products I've had cause to use is the Puffy mask, and trust me, I don't even NEED to party all night to have puffy, tired looking eyes: they just look like that all the time. Just pop good ol' Puffy in the fridge, though, then slip it on and lie back: not only is it nice and relaxing, you'll also look a helluva lot better for it, with the cool mask helping to return your eyes to normal.

I suspect the energy patches should be the next part of this kit for me to try: I don't know about partying all night, but if they could help me blog all day, that would be grand.

BUY: Anatomicals Partied Too Much Pack, £7.75

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