Along with its friend, mascara, foundation primer is one of my beauty obsessions, so even although I'm sure I've already found the Holy Grail of Primers, that doesn't mean I'm not capable of having my head turned by a new kid on the beauty block.

Today, that new kid happens to be Bare Escentuals 'Prime Time' oil control primer, and the product description speaks of shine free, non-greasy skin that's smooth, soft and flawless, and just perfect for foundation.

Well, to be completely honest with you, there are days when you could see your face in, er, my face, so that all sounds good to me. It's not really claiming to go to places other primers don't, but it is "clinically proven" to control shine all day. Fancy!

BUY: Bare Ecentuals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer, £21

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