Review | Benefit High Beam pink highlighter


There were a couple of interesting comments on my post about Benefit’s new Brows -a-go-go, and I have to admit, I do agree with them to some extent. There’s no doubt in my mind that Benefit are extremely good at reinventing the wheel, and using clever marketing and cute packing to sell us stuff we may not otherwise have considered, and, in my case at least, it works.

Hi, my name’s Dollface, and I’m a Benefit addict. I can’t seem to walk past one of their counters without buying something, and several of their products have made it onto my Holy Grail list, one of those being High Beam icon, the shimmery pink highlighter for the face.

I love High Beam. In fact, I love it so much that when I realised, en-route to Glasgow airport to fly off to the States last month, that I’d forgotten to bring my current bottle of High Beam with me, I wanted to kick myself. And I was absolutely delighted to discover that Glasgow airport’s duty free section had gained a Benefit counter since I was last there, where I lost no time in stocking up again.

I use High Beam on my cheekbones, under my brows, and sometimes on the cupid’s bow of my lips, to give a subtle sheen, and to emphasis the bits I want to emphasise. It’s shimmer, but not too much so, and I find it makes my skin look dewier and healthier. If you want to, you can mix it in with your foundation too, and I’ve also been known to use it on my lips in a pinch, to give them a bit of a shimmer.

Other than mascara, I’d say this is the product that makes the biggest difference to my appearance, and it’s also the product I tend to get most compliments on. The pale pink colour is designed to work with most complexions, but if it doesn’t work with yours, you may get on better with Moon Beam icon, which does the same thing but has more of a golden colour to it.

BUY: Benefit High Beam icon, £16.50