I've been trying out some of Garnier's Pure Active range this week: I'm going to leave the Spot-On Roll On review until next week, because it just so happens that I woke up this morning with a corker of a spot on my chin which, while annoying, will at least give me something to test the Roll-On with properly.

Mostly, then, I've been using the Blackhead Scrub and the Deep Pore Wash, both of which are designed for spot-prone skin, and have formulas which help treat existing spots, and the marks they leave behind, and prevent them from recurring.

Now, I should say here that I;m not the ideal test subject for these products because I don't have particularly spot-prone skin (today aside!), but I've given them a go anyway, and have been using the Deep Pore Wash for over a week, alternating with the Blackhead Scrub a couple of times.

I'm juts going to get the one negative thing about both of these products out of the way first: they smell a little bit like bathroom cleaner. Or they do to me, anyway. I wasn't a huge fan of the smell itself, but in a strange way, it does make you feel like your skin is getting REALLY clean when you use them! And… it does.

The Deep Pore Wash is the product I've used most, and it really leaves my face feeling clean. There's a slight tingling sensation afterwards, and my skin just feels really fresh. Despite the chemical smell, it's not at all harsh or drying, though: my skin can be prone to feeling "tight" if I wash it with anything too harsh, but that wasn't the case with this, or with the Blackhead Scrub, which has the same scent and fresh, tingly feeling, but with the addition of tint particles which help exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling well-scrubbed.

As for my skin itself, I can't say I've noticed a huge difference, although as I noted at the start of this review, my skin isn't  particularly spot-prone anyway: I will continue to use them both, though, and see how I get on – and look out for a review of the Roll-On net week sometime.

For more information and stockists, visit the Garnier website.

  1. I actually walked into my bathroom to check if I have the same product, which I do…just different packaging. I have the deep pore wash and actually really like the smell. It’s so clean. It seems to work and I really like the bead thingies in it (so technical)

  2. Hmm…based on the fact that your skin is usually clear and it only started breaking out after you started using the products, do you think it could have caused the spots? Maybe it is deep cleansing and bringing stuff to the surface to prevent future problems. I dunno.

  3. This product does not remove blackheads or any type of spots it just numbs your face. It has a strong smell and may have a result of tearing eyes. It only worked on my face and I didnt feel any numbness on my chest !!
    Crap product waste of moneyy!!!

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