So, as I was saying last week, I'm fairly lucky in that I don't get too many spots. Then, just a few days after Garnier's Pure Active Roll-On, which is designed for fighting spots, arrived on my desk, I woke up with a face full of them. What a piece of luck, eh? Or… not.

Anyway, the roll-on is designed to dry out your spots in the first instance, and then continue to treat them by soothing the skin and helping smooth out marks. Just what I needed, in other words.

The spot I was most concerned about was one that had appeared right in the middle of my chin. I named him "Jim". Then I set about killing him off, by liberally applying the Garnier Roll-On.

On first application, the product felt great: it was lovely and cool, and made the spot sting just a little, but in a good way: I could imagine the active ingredients (Which include salicylic acid and 'Herbasmooth', which is a Garnier creation derived from blueberries, and designed to be soothing) really getting to work on that little … spot.

I went to bed, and in the morning… Jim was still sitting proudly in the middle of my chin. I applied the Roll-On again, though, and by the next day, Jim had packed his bags and gone: or was at least gone enough for me to be able to hide what remained of him underneath my foundation and concealer.

As for the outcrop of baby spots that had been threatening to take up residence on my left cheek, well, they never did make it to maturity, and I think I probably have Garnier to thank for that, because let me just tell you, this has NOT BEEN MY WEEK, and so I'm pretty sure luck alone wouldn't have been enough to stop those insurgents in their tracks.

Overall, I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought this, but now that I have it, I've found it really useful, and would probably buy it again, if only to rest easy in the knowledge that there's something at hand to help in the war against those pesky spots that crop up from time to time.

For more information, visit the Garnier website.

  1. I prefer to dab TCP on cotton wool onto spots. Stops them dead but stings like hell! This roll on thing seems unhygienic – surely ickyness from the spot will be ‘rolled’ back into the container?!

  2. I use something similar by Garnier but it’s a pen thingy which is kinda like a lipgloss with an appicator and you squeeze the solution out. I love Garnier stuff because it actually works.

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