I can’t quite believe I did this, but here’s the thing: I forgot I still had two sets of the Girls Aloud/Eyelure false eyelashes to review. Until last night, when I went hunting for some bubble bath, and was all, “Oh, hai, false eyelashes! I fail at beauty blogging!”

Other ways in which I fail at beauty blogging: I was all set to review Too Faced Lash Injection mascara today, had it on and everything and then… I remembered that I already reviewed it. Quite some time ago, actually. So I slapped these on instead, and it’s a testament to these lashes that they’re really easy to put on, even when you weren’t expecting to wear them, and are applying them in a bit of a hurry.

Now, I fully expect that those of you who were interested in these when they came out will have bought them already, but these are the Sarah Harding versions. I like them: they’re full, dramatic, and, as it says on the pack, they do elongate the eye. What it also says on the pack is that you can wear them on “any occasion”, and I’d take issue with that, because I don’t think this is a “work” look, for instance – unless, of course, your job description includes the phrase “being a drag queen”. Yes, as much as I like them, they’re pretty obviously false eyelashes, so I’d personally reserve them for special occasions only. But that’s just me.

For comparison:

The Cheryl Cole false eyelashes

The Nadine Coyle false eyelashes

The Nicola Roberts false eyelashes

I have the Kimberley Walsh ones too, and will try to review them soon. In the meantime, these are £5 per pair, and you can buy them from Debenhams, amongst other places.


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