When my vacation ended last week, I was depressed. Very, very depressed. But the day I got back, this arrived:


I defy anyone not to be cheered up by the simple loveliness that is a Jo Malone box. So pretty! So reassuringly expensive looking, even although it's just a box, no?

And what was inside, I hear you ask? Why, this was:


It's Jo Malone's new Vanilla & Anise Cologne, and it's not released until this September, so I'm very lucky to be getting this sneak preview. I'm also lucky not to have succumbed to the lure of the airport duty free section this year, because this scent us just gorgeous.

In the brands own words, the fragrance "transports you to the floral valleys of Madagascar, and captures the extraordinary, fleeting moment when the rare vanilla orchid blossoms at day break. The fragile cream and white flowers found on the vanilla vine are a precious discovery: only one of two appear in the morning, and seemingly vanish in late afternoon."

Actually, "fragile" is a very good word for this scent: it's delicate and lovely, and my only complaint is that it fades rather too quickly for my liking, perhaps a little bit like the vanilla orchid blossoms themselves. While it lingers, though, you can expect top notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Tunisian Neroli and Star Anise, mid notes of oleander, tuberose, frangipani and purple vanilla orchid, and base notes of Madagascar Clove, White Amber, Vetiver Bourbon, Vanilla Bourbon Absolute and Tonka.

It's a fairly complex scent, which is floral but also just a little bit spicy, so definitely not too cloying. It's also the kind of fragrance that makes me want to keep sniffing my own wrist in public, which is the seal of Dollface perfume approval.

Available from September, this is priced from £32 for 30ml and will be available to purchase from Jo Malone.

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