I really expected to love this. I mean, I'm more or less Lancome's bitch when it comes to mascara: I've been using their offerings almost all of my mascara-wearing life, and although I have my little flirtations with other brands, Lancome is the one I always come back to.

Oscillation is currently Lancome's most hyped offering, and it's even water resistant, so I thought it couldn't fail. And did it? Well, yes and no.

On the plus side:

  • It's much easier to use than I expected it to be. Oscillation, of course, was one of the first of the new breed of vibrating mascaras, and as I'm one of the clumsiest people I know, I fully expected to end up in accident and emergency, as the idea of ME putting a vibrating stick anywhere near my eyes just seemed like a recipe for disaster. But no: the vibrations are much more subtle than I'd expected them to be, and I had no trouble at all applying this, using the "zig-zag" motion recommended. I didn't even get it all over my eyelids, either, and I do that with NON-vibrating mascaras, so that was quite a result.
  • It really does live up to the claim that it will "fan" your lashes out. I could actually see it happening as I applied it, and the effect is lovely and fluttery. WIN on that score, too.
  • It's not clumpy.
  • It's not flaky.
  • It doesn't rub off.

So far, then, so good. But…

On the minus side:

  • It doesn't add much in the way of length
  • Droopy lashes. Remember, it's water-resistant, not water-proof. There is a difference, and while I haven't actually tried it in water, so can't comment on that, the difference for me is that it doesn't hold my curled lashes in place the way my regular mascara does. (See here to compare.)

Overall, more pluses than minuses, but although I do like Oscillation, I don't LOVE it, and it hasn't been able to knock L'Extreme off the top spot. (Will ANYTHING?) For me this is more of a daytime mascara, and lacks a bit of the drama I like to associate with my lashes, but it is a lovely consistency, easy to use, and, well, fluttery. It's just very, very fluttery. If that sounds like what you're after, you can buy it here.

BUY: Lancome Oscillation Water-Resistant Mascara


  1. I got this after much debate and at first was horribly disappointed by it. But I found that if I use eyelash primer and an eyelash curler I am extremely happy with my lashes. Good thing at 32$ a pop…

  2. Have you tried the Loreal Telescopic mascara? My fave as been Too Faced Lash Extreme Pin Point for over a year now, but when Telescopic came out with a price tag $12 cheaper…I had to try it. I am happy that I did because I LOVE it. It lengthens, thickens and doesn’t fade or smudge. My one complaint is that the first few applications it clumped a bit. After I used it a few times though it seemed to be better. Let me know if you decide to try it!!

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