What's that, I hear you ask? Why it is a Jewel Eye Pot from MeMeMe, and it's really quite clever. Lookit!


One pot, two different types of shadow. On the top:


A cream-based shadow in a lovely silver. This is actually a fairly subtle shade, without any glitter in it, so it's not as silvery as it looks in this photo.

On the bottom level, meanwhile:


 Oooh! Glitter!

If I was blessed with the gift of Planning Ahead, I would've taken a photo of the top layer on its own to show you, but I am not, so I didn't. Instead, I just whacked the glitter on top:


Now, this IS a very sparkly, glittery (obviously) look, but it's good for a night out, and it's not actually as patchy as it looks in this photo – you can thank the flash on my camera for that.


Maybe just a little bit OTT for sitting around the house on a Wednesday afternoon, though, which is when I wore it. Ah well, it's not like I get out much.

The MeMeMe line is available from Superdrug.

  1. It reminds me of Drew Barrymore’s makeup in Ever After when she goes to the ball. That is my most favorite movie ever so I happen to really like this eyeshadow/glitter combo. I think I might pick some up for my next night out!

  2. These are a cute idea aren’t they. Do you find that the glitter powder in the bottom goes everywhere though? I have a Natio eyeshadow duo that is pretty much the same, and every time I open the bottom level glittery eyeshadow goes *poof* everywhere – all over me, my clothes, the dresser, the cat. Admittedly we all look very pretty, but it seems a bit of a waste!

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