As a NARS Orgasm devotee, I've been meaning to pick up The Multiple for a while now, and last month I finally got round to doing it.

This is basically the famous 'Orgasm' in a stick: it's a creamy formula that can be used anywhere you want – cheeks, lips, eyes, you name it. I have to confess, the only place I'd actually be likely to use it is on my cheeks. The colour just doesn't work on my lips, and as for the eyes, I think I'll pass. Cheeks are what I bought it for, though, so I'm not disappointed: for me, this is basically just a more portable version of the powder blusher, and I wanted to be able to pop it into my handbag for touch-ups. (I'm pale anyway, but when I get tired I get even paler, and can look absolutely shocking, so I try to have a blusher handy at all times. This format is much easier than carrying a powder and brush, and it's my favourite colour.)

As for the product itself, I know it gets rather more mixed reviews than the powder blusher, and the formula is slightly drier than I'd expected it to be, but I still like it. The colour is exactly the same as my powder version, and has a slight shimmer to it too which gives a nice, healthy looking glow. I'm happy.

I'd be even happier, though, if I'd remembered to look for the Super Orgasm version while I was in Sephora. D'oh!

Buy: NARS, The Multiple, £27

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