Oh God. Oh no. This looks suspiciously like a foot file, doesn't it? And I'm sure we all remember what happened last time I tried to review a foot file.

Well, it IS, in fact, a foot file. It's Revlon's new Pedi-Expert, and as you can probably tell from the name and appearance of the product, it seems to be their attempt to ride the wave of popularity for egg-shaped files with the word "ped" as part of their names.

This one, of course, isn't quite "egg shaped", but the general principle is the same. There's a file, which looks a lot like a cheese grater, which clips onto a pink, plastic container. The container is obviously there to collect the, er, shavings, and it has a finer gauge file on the bottom of it, which allows you to finish things off. This particular kit also comes with a set of nail clippers and a nail file, both of which always come in handy.

I've only used this once so far, so I can't say anything about how long it will last (although the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee on the blade is definitely encouraging news), and I'm definitely not going to draw comparison to They Who Shall Not Be Named For Fear of Them Leaving Fake Comments Telling Everyone Not to Buy This Product. It does compare very favorably with the Ped Egg, however, and did a very good job of leaving my feet feeling soft and smooth, without cutting them or otherwise injuring me.

The price of the two products is similar too: the Pedi-Expert cost $9.99 at Walgreens or, if you're in the UK, £7.78 from Superdrug.




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