So, I bought a Ped Egg.

I don't even really know why I bought a Ped Egg, because I already have a Microplane Foot File which I'm perfectly happy with but, well, I guess I'm even more of a sucker for advertising than I thought I was.

I bought my Ped Egg at the 'As Seen on TV' store (hee!) for $9.99, only to discover that you can buy them even cheaper than that from lots of different places, so it's a good idea to shop around.

Now, I don't want to say too much about this because some of you may be eating, but let's just say that I wear heels a lot, and my feet don't really love me for it. The Ped Egg, though, has made a world of difference: it really is as good as it claims to be, and it really does remove hard skin super-quickly, and without any discomfort whatsoever. It even collects the shavings for you inside the egg, and you may well get a strange sort of satisfaction out of that. I do.

Having now revealed much more about this than I really wanted to, I will just add that as far as I can tell, this is every bit as good as the much more expensive Microplane, with the only difference being the price.

As I said, you can pick these up in lots of places, but if you must order one right now, Amazon have them for just £3.89. I don't think you'll regret it. 

  1. They are cheaply made in China and would not trust my skin to something made there. They do not last as long as the microplane foot files, thus, the need for replacements…so they do not save in the long run…you get what you pay for

  2. How do you know they don’t last if you’ve never used one, Laurie? Are you prejudiced about all things that come from China, or just this one?

  3. I replaced 2 ped eggs in like 4 months for what I could have purchased the Microplane for and kept for waaay longer. Microplane foot file is the freakn BMW of the foot file world…pedi egg well it doesn’t even rank to me!…so glad I went and got one…then my friends all wanted one and my mother oh she loves it!

  4. Um, “Laurie”? Why are you suddenly posting as “Amanda” now? I take it you’re working for Microplane? And oh hey, guess what! The Ip address you’re both posting from links back to Russellville, Arkansas, which is, coincidentally, where the Microplane headquarters are based!

  5. yes, i do work for microplane, and just stated the truth. With recent products that have been recalled from China, I do not trust things that deal with my skin and health to them. We have done extensive research to prove the longivity of our products and they far outlast the cheaply made products from China. They copied our patent. If you want to support China and not the USA, then that is your choice. You get what you pay for. We have patents for a reason and when we are copied, then it eats at the very fabric of the nation and its economic health. Support the USA…Buy American made products!!

  6. Guess what Laurie…Dollface is not based in the USA! And the deception on your part makes me, a US resident, completely write Microplane off my list. So bravo for that.

  7. I agree with Hayley. I am a US resident and the way Laurie represented Microplane on this site makes me think less of the company. You could have at least said you were from them in the first place and explained why you feel your product is better.
    And Laurie, before you rail about buying American, you may want to make sure the person’s blog you are posting on is, in fact, in the US. Dollface is based out of the UK, which is apparant after reading just a few posts.

  8. Wow, just finished reading all the coments and my goodness. I do beleive that everyone is different and has there own opinions. So here goes and no I don’t work for this company Microplane or Dollface. I’m just a reg consumer out here, so here’s my story. Keep in mind this is MY opinion. I have used both products as I too picked up a ped egg at a flea market to try even though I already owned a microplane. Ped egg is Ok, but it had a tendency to leave cuts on my foot where the microplane was much smoother. Unfortunately, I’ve never used the ped egg again, but I’m sure I will try it again sometime in the future. I’ve also used the kitchen products from Microplane too which are great. I jst don’t use the foot file that often, but it’s really good when I do. Bonnie from Florida.

  9. Sorry, I have to add one more thing, to the person named Laurie, I too love to buy American, but considering almost everything now days comes from China it’s hard to always buy American. I do agree that American made products are better. I try and buy American every chance I get to support our country and try to promote jobs here. Lord knows we need them. But I too am a sucker for the seen on TV products. They all look great on TV, but most I have used don’t quite work as well once you get them home.

  10. Microplane is a great company with only quality items. The Microplane Foot File blows the Ped Egg out of the water. There really is not even a comparison. The fact that they do not need to advertise their excellent products all over TV in a cheap fashion and still be so successful says it all. Quality with confidence. Yes, the Ped Egg is cheap in cost but that is also exactly what you get for quality as well. You might as well go to the dollar store if that is the quality you want.

  11. Shannon – the fact that they need to pretend to have multiple different identities, lie about who they are and be dishonest and underhand says it all. My guess is that you’re an employee of theirs too, though: we already know that they’re in the habit of posting fake comments on blogs, and yours has “advertising” written all over it.


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