Homeward Bound

Well, we’re headed home tomorrow, assuming our plane doesn’t drop out of the sky – and recent events lead me to believe that this is a strong possibility – and I don’t think it would be possible for me to feel any more depressed about that than I am right now. I am absolutely miserable, which obviously makes me a lot of fun to be around – sorry, Terry! I’ve never been one of those people who goes around saying things like, “It’s good to have a break, but it’s good to come home, too!” or “You know, if the UK just got the weather no-one would ever want to leave!”, so my family will probably have to prise my hands off the door frame tomorrow to get me to leave. Gah.

My case is currently weighing in at just under the 20k luggage allowance our airline gives us, but that’s only with three pairs of shoes stuffed into my carry-on (which was also weighed on the way out here – seriously, who DOES that?), not including the pair I bought today, which…. actually, no, I’m too embarrassed to even speak about that. Let’s just say that the Neiman Marcus sale I mentioned? Was a really good sale. A REALLY good sale. Let us never speak of it again, though. Seriously.

Anyway, I’m off to drink more wine re-weigh my suitcase a few more times, so I will leave you with yet more – more! – of my holiday snaps. GOD.