So, I just finished writing this massive post about how I totally thought I’d deleted a huge chunk of my novel (No, I haven’t forgotten I’m supposed to be writing a novel. I mean, I’ve TRIED to forget, but it WILL keep popping into my head when I least expect it), and had therefore freaked out ever so slightly before starting again from scratch, and how, really, that was the best thing that could’ve possibly happened, because at least I meant I didn’t have to feel obligated to keep writing that crappy novel any more, and could start a whole new, better one…

… and then I found the missing document containing The Novel.

I had re-named it “Hi”, and saved it in my “Accounts” folder.  You know, as you do.

GOD, I really miss Florida.

And now I have to get back to the, er, two sepparate versions of the exact same story I’m currently working on.  Gah.


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