Malibu SPF 15 Clear Scalp Protector


As I may have mentioned once or twice or a million times, I'm paranoid about sunburn, which is why you'll always find me lathered up in the highest SPF I can find in the summer, plus a hat.

Despite this, at some point I almost always burn my scalp a little. I'll get careless with the hat, or I'll go swimming and not want to worry about trying to keep it on in the water, and while I've never burnt myself badly, I have cooked my scalp enough on occasion to make this product of interest to me.

It's a clear scalp protector with SPF 15, and although I have tried similar things before, they've always been so very greasy that they take days to wash out properly. This one claims to be non-greasy, and only costs £2.49, so it may be worth investing in for my next trip.

Anyone tried it?

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