This round of Mascara Wars is brought to you by Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash. It's also brought to you by The Migraine I Had Earlier This Week That Left Me Looking Pale, Strung-Out and Inexplicably Spotty. OK so I don't think the migraine is to blame for the spottiness. But lets just say that I'm not looking my best this week, which meant that Buxom Lash was always going to have a particularly difficult time convincing me I should give up Lancome L'Extreme for it.

Did it do the job? Well, I think from the photo above it's pretty clear that "not really" is the answer to that one.

In the photo, I'm wearing Buxom Lash on my right eye (left of the screen), while the left eyelash is bare, but has been curled. While this mascara did a slightly better job than some I've tried at holding in the curl, it didn't do a GREAT job, and unfortunately, it's a GREAT job I'm looking for.

In its favour, though, there are a lot of good things about this mascara. Here's what Bare Escentuals have to say about it:

"Blackest Black holds the style of your lashes for a continuous 12 hours with no flakiness. The silky, vitamin-rich formula darkens, lengthens, and thickens from root to tip without ever clumping. Its patented, hourglass-shaped brush is designed to lift and separate every lash while delivering the perfect amount of antioxidant-rich mascara needed for bigger, fuller lashes."

Really, all I'm going to take issue with here is the claim that it "holds the style of your lashes fr a continuous 12 hours" (it doesn't) and that it "lengthens" (nope). I did like the "patented hourglass brush", the bristles of which are short and rubbery rather than fibrous, and which was pretty handy at separating the lashes and distributing the mascara.

I'd also agree that this is non-flaky and non-clumpy. Overall, it's not a bad mascara, it's just not a spectacular one.

And Lancome L'Extreme remains undefeated once more.

BUY: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash mascara, $18,www.sephora.com

  1. The lashes without the mascara look much better than those with, which obviously isn’t a great testament to the mascara!

  2. I need a new mascara, just havent been eager to shell out the cash for it. Anyone know of any free samples so I can try a few out first? Thanksss xx

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