I guess it’s fitting that my favourite mascara so far of all the brands in the Sephora Lash Stash pack should be the Sephora brand mascara itself.

That doesn’t mean it’s about to replace Lancome in my affections of course, because this product didn’t win the Mascara War, but as a good, everyday kinda mascara, I liked it: and I liked it a lot better than many of the “name” brands I’ve used, too.

This is Sephora’s Atomic Volume, and as you can tell from the name, it’s designed to create, well, volume. And it does. Here’s what Sephora have to say about it:

“An innovative tubular brush applicator with a lash-lengthening comb perfectly separates lashes for a full, sexy flutter.”

Now, I can’t comment on how “innovative” this actually is, but for me at least, the brush is definitely the best thing about it: the picture here doesn’t really do this product justice, because I felt it did a great job at fanning my lashes out and separating them. It’s one of those long, narrow, rubbery wands (my favourite kind), and it was also great on the lower lashes, which is where a lot of mascara wands fail, being either too thick or too thin to target those fine hairs.

The mascara itself can be prone to a little bit of clumpiness, but overall it’s easy to apply, and only needs a couple of applications to make the lashes look thicker and fuller. I didn’t bother curling my lashes in the first picture though, because the first couple of times I used this were enough to tell me there was no point – this won’t hold in curl, and that’s the thing that would stop me buying it, but if curl isn’t too important to you, you can pick this up for $16 at www.sephora.com

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