So, my dad goes into the Apple store. I’ve no idea why, because my parents now have a total of four computers and, well, there’s only two of them. But presumably my dad felt like playing with some different gadgets for a change, so in he goes, but much to his chagrin, all of the shiny Apple gadgets are in use at the time. Yes, every iPhone, iPod and iWhateverelse is already being played with, but my dad has some time to kill, so he hangs around and sure enough, after a few minutes, a computer becomes free, and so he takes his place in front of it and prepares to explore.

My dad has a good look at this computer. He spends a few minutes opening up programmes, closing down other ones, probably rearranging the desktop and going through the documents for all I know. He’s thoroughly enjoying himself, when all of a sudden, he feels a tap on the shoulder and turns around to see an Apple employee standing there.

“Sir?” says the employee. “Sir, that’s our cash register you’re playing with.”

After that, my dad didn’t go into the Apple store no more. He confirms that they have some mighty fine cash registers in there, though…

(Note: no Apple products were harmed in the making of this post)

  1. I'm laughing so much I actually have tears in my eyes:D. Reminded me of my mum and her learning to use a mobile phone (let's just say it was a challenge). I bet I'll be like that in 30 years time -what am I saying, I already am like that!

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