Stuff. In the form of a list.

Because I am lazy:

1. I still haven’t found The Dress. This is much to the distress of Terry, because it seems that I just can’t stop talking about it. I mean, I thought I’d maybe be OVER IT by now. But no. The loss of my preshus dress is as fresh and as painful as it was on that dreadful day that I realised it was gone. GOD.

2. I have, however, bought another dress. It didn’t really make me feel better, to be honest. I mean, it’s a nice dress and all, but it’s JUST NOT THE SAME.

3. See, still can’t stop talking about it.

4. On a positive note, I haven’t lost or broken anything else this week. Not that I know of, anyway. I DID think I’d lost Ted this morning when I was making the bed, but it turned out he was just hiding under a pile of Terry’s clothes. Here’s what he was wearing:


I just hope Nike are paying him well, is all I can say.

5. When I was coming out of the gym yesterday, SLEET started falling out of the sky. And, OK, it only lasted for a few minutes, and then we were back to brilliant sunshine (then torrential rain. Then brilliant sunshine. Then thunder. Then torrential rain. Then brilliant… oh, you get the picture.), but still, SLEET. Sleet.

6. Because of the whole non-stop-rain thing, my lawn hasn’t been mown for three weeks now, and has consequently grown into a small jungle. I’m actually afraid to let Rubin out there in case he never finds his way back. (Thought: could The Dress be in the Jungle Garden?) Weirdly, though, all of our neighbours still have perfectly manicured lawns. HOW DO THEY DO IT? Are they mowing their lawns during the middle of the night or something? No, really, how?

7. Number 6? That right there tells you why updates have been few and far between this week, because THAT’S how interesting my life has been, really.

8. At least Rubin has been helping me with the blogging, though: