I still have the post-holiday blues. Especially now that it’s rained on St. Swithins Day, which means 40 days of rain for us! (Not that we’ll really notice the difference here in Scotland, obviously…)

Anyway, here, have a video, courtesy of Terry. I think he misses it too…

  1. oh, this video is great! not going to lie, though… I think my favourite part of it is the JONAS BROTHERS MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND, EEEEE! ♥
    it obvious you had a great time in Flordia. I’d miss it too!

    1. I like that song a lot. I'd never heard of them until I found that song on spotify about a week before we went on holiday. The Brothers had huge billboard adverts all over Disney.

  2. I love the video! My favourite part is you in the shoe store which makes me wanna buy some new shoes. Lucky it’s late night shopping tonight! The picture at the end of the video is awesome.

    1. I do not Becky. I started doing basic editing back when we got married. Just to make the wedding footage nice and watchable rather than being something that gets stuck in a drawer and forgotten about. Now I just make a video for each holiday we go on.

      1. FUN!!! Lucky Terry! And I was going to ask why you and the Weaselys are on the house, but then I remembered. Terry.

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