These things come in threes…

(Note: for those of you tuning in because you’re concerned about The Melting┬áthat was scheduled for today, I bring good news: yesterday my phone changed its mind and decided that rather than the “SUN MELTING, OMG!” it had predicted , we would just be having “non-stop rain” instead. So THAT’S good. We can stand down the vigil at least.)

Yesterday I broke my favourite coffee mug.

I was reaching into a cupboard in the kitchen to get one of Rubin’s treats, and my elbow knocked against a tub of Marshmallow Fluff, which fell to the counter and landed on my mug.

The Fluff was fine. The mug was not. And, OK, it was just a (FAVOURITE!) mug. But given that this week has seen the lost of my favourite dress AND my favourite mug, I have to wonder: WHAT NEXT?

They say these things come in threes. I’m not going anywhere NEAR my favourite shoes this week, that’s for damn sure.