I don’t know why this still has the power to surprise me, but so much for “summer”…

p.s. That’s in celcius, by the way. 13c = about 55f. But it’s the rain that’s the real killer…

    1. The sun makes all the difference. Here it literally HAS rained since St Swithin's day, and going by that forecast, I really think we're in for 40 days of it. Do the weather Gods not KNOW that I have suede shoes to wear? *huff*

    1. Hardly ever: when I buy my house in Florida, I'm going to just keep all my summer clothes over there, to save room in my suitcase – and it's not like they get a whole lot of use here!

  1. Typical Chicago weather in July is usually about 90 degrees and pretty humid.

    This weekend it was in the 60s! It was freezing! I’ve never worn a sweater in July in Chicago, that I can remember.

    What is up with Mother Nature lately?
    .-= Kristabella´s last blog ..Hoedown Throwdown =-.

  2. Hey Amber, got directed to this site whilst searching for reasons for my car not starting the other day. Think we have the same type of car – you still having problems with yours?

    1. Hi,

      No, mine is fine now – it only seems to happen when it’s damp and the car hasn’t been driven for a while. Hasn’t happened for a long time now, touch wood!

  3. Oh my God! You have no idea how jealous I am of the weather you get in Scotland! Do you want to switch towns? Here in Bucharest we got 35 C… the pavement was literaly melting. I do, however find a temperature of 13 degrees just perfect. I love the cold (hate the hot weather, obviously) and I just adore the rain. I am seriously considering a relocation, and Scotland would be right on the top of my list, apart from Norway. Anyway, you can always take a vacation again 😛

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