The birds! The birds!

This week we’ve had a new visitor here in The Shrieking Shack (if you’ve ever had birds, you’ll know exactly why I call it that): everyone say hi to Cheeky!


In this picture I am willing him NOT to poop on my shoulder later. Clearly my mad bird-hypnotising skillz failed me on this occasion, though, because right after this photo was taken… he pooped on my shoulder. Ah, well, you win some, you lose some.

Cheeky belongs to my sister-in-law, Lila, who is currently off on her holidays, and his presence brought our total bird-inhabitant total up to two, because I forgot to mention that Pepe the Parrot has also been with us for the past four weeks:

That one time when Pepe escaped

That one time when Pepe escaped

Pepe is the chief shrieker in our house. Here is the sound that Pepe makes, although I have no idea if this will work:

Pepe screaming like a banshee

He went home on Wednesday, so now we’re back to just the one feathered friend. Unlike Pepe, though, whose entire existence is focused around the act of HATING EVERYONE with a fiery HATE, Cheeky is a friendly little chap, who will come and perch on your shoulder, before pooping on it. His shrieks are also much quieter: in fact, I have christened him “Craig  David”, because like the celebrated songster, Cheeky mostly likes to repeat his own name every few seconds. So we get, “Cheeky! Cheeky, Cheeky! Budgie!” interspersed with some long monologues spoken in a man’s voice, which can be really quite freaky the first time you hear it. And also the second.

Cheeky is also very much in love with Terry:


Terry just happened to be resting his hands on the desk like that, and Cheeky flew over to perch on them. I swear, it’s just like living inside a Disney movie ALL THE TIME. If we could just teach him to clean the house for us, while whistling a happy song, that would be great!

Cheeky goes home tomorrow, though, so the Disney-ness will end, and it’ll be just us and Rubin again. I think Rubin will be happy about this. We, on the other hand, will quite miss the little guy…